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Strategic review – Bupa’s UK Health Diagnostics Operations

Services Provided

  • Implementing Business Strategy

Against the backdrop of fundamental changes in the planning and management of NHS services Bupa’s UK Health Diagnostics business was finding it increasingly difficult to acquire new customers and grow sales.  The situation was made more challenging because of historic linkages to the original parent company which was based in the US.

OCP undertook a rapid assessment of the context – focussing on customers and future demand for products and services.  This was followed by work with the leadership team and with Bupa’s other UK businesses to shape and develop a range of options for reorganisation and realignment that would restore profitability.  Most of these options involved difficult-to-accept consequences, so helping the senior executive stakeholders to evaluate these options decisively was a critical contribution.

Subsequently, Bupa implemented the preferred option which delivered immediate gains in profitability with minimum disruption to existing customer relationships.

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