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Stimulating project growth

Services Provided

  • Implementing Business Strategy, Project and Programme Management

EEF is a membership based employers’ organisation which champions manufacturers and manufacturing in the UK.  Following the downturn in 2008 it underwent dramatic change involving consolidation, retrenchment and cost cutting.  In 2012/13, with the business on a stable footing, the Board decided it was timely to pursue strategies to enable growth.

Graham Smith was appointed as Programme Director with a brief to help the business decide on the projects most likely to stimulate growth, and then to manage the resulting portfolio of projects.  Growth activities were intended to be in three phases, the first in 2013-2015 was designed to upgrade EEF’s systems, processes and procedures so that they could accommodate its growth ambitions.  Graham managed the portfolio of 10 projects to a successful conclusion.  The second phase, in 2016-2017, focused on five core projects aimed at rejuvenating its existing products and services, and at changing the approach to marketing, selling and account management.


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