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Retail Investments


Insights for a Re-Registration System

Services Provided

  • Implementing Business Strategy

Across all industries, customers demand more choice, and expect to be able to switch providers easily. In retail investments, the transfer of assets between fund supermarkets and platforms has been fraught with difficulty, delays and potential for errors. It was an area ripe for electronic, straight-through-processing.

Origo, sponsored by leading UK saving and investment companies, provides standards and services which facilitate e-trading between providers, platforms and advisers. Origo had already launched the Options Transfers Service for faster pension transfers with ABI and FSA backing.

Working with Origo, OCP's David Taylor brought insights into the industry requirements for a re-registration solution. He advised on the commercial concept and business case for extension of the service to enable re-registration of up to £500bn of assets between wrap platforms and fund supermarkets. The Origo Options Transfers Service was first to market with ISA re-registration in February 2013, added SIPP re-registration in November 2013 and is supporting ever-increasing customer numbers and transaction volumes

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