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New Funding Model for the Disclosure and Barring Service

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  • Implementing Business Strategy

When the government set about reforming Criminal Records Disclosures the Home Office wanted to explore a wide range of new approaches.  The original service had been entirely dependent on funding from applicants (except for volunteers, who had their Disclosures provided Free of charge).  And users of the service had complained about the requirement to provide new Disclosures to each and every new employer.  

As part of the programme to redesign the Criminal Records Disclosure product as a digital service (now launched as Disclosure and Barring Service checks), OCP was asked to develop and evaluate a range of options for a new funding model that would rely much less on charges for processing applications, e.g. by establishing a “membership scheme” with an annual fee.  Options were described and the implications for employers, for the Home Office and its NDPBs, and for the individuals subject to criminal records checks, were highlighted.  

Following consultation with a wide range of stakeholders (including HM Treasury) a proposed approach was agreed, and this has been adopted for implementation in the new outsourced contract.

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