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Implementing Business Strategy

Strategy is what happens. But too many organisations fail to do the right thing well. We help clients make and execute better decisions more effectively, building understanding and buy-in.

Good strategies are not formed just by crunching numbers. The human and behavioural factors also need to be handled. 

We bring insight into how organisations work, and into the required capabilities and competences implied by strategic choices.

Few strategies can ignore the power of the internet, social media and the opportunity to exploit data more effectively. 

But online strategies need to take account of the implications for legacy channels and processes, to ensure that benefits are released. Even Amazon runs contact centres

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Managing Change

The ability to design and deliver change is a core business competence whose importance is often under-estimated.

It entails balancing the more rational and logical aspects of change with the softer, political and emotional aspects. Those affected by change will inevitably ask “what’s in it for me?”.

People must be involved in the change process. They need to understand the case for change. They can help shape the future vision, and should be given the necessary resources and assistance to adjust to the change. 

We work collaboratively with clients, to create high levels of engagement and buy-in. We coach executive sponsors to help ensure that change programmes are effectively structured and resourced. We also assist sponsors in developing the required capabilities in programme team members. 

Case Study / Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society

Enhancing Productivity

Productivity is the measure of how much work gets done, compared to the resources used.

Organisations can improve productivity by working smarter, and by managing the work more effectively.

We have engaged with clients to improve productivity across many business sectors by re-engineering business processes and realising benefits from new systems.

We often work as members of joint teams, advising on project direction, providing methods and support on process redesign.

Productivity can also be improved by managing the work more effectively, forecasting, planning and delivering a more consistent level of operational performance.

We collaborate closely in delivering client projects with ActiveOps, global leaders in operations performance management, which was founded by former OCP partners. A recent project was for Allied Irish Banks PLC.

Case Study / Allied Irish Banks plc

Improving Support Functions

Support functions such as Finance, HR and back-office processing are often areas of an organisation that have developed piecemeal over time with a lack of investment and senior management attention. And when organisations are looking to improve service quality, reduce backlogs, and lower costs they can provide fertiel ground for improvement.

For some back office functions, creating simple dashboards that describe the quantity and quality of work being done can be a powerful first step towards improving productivity, together with introducing clear standards, and regular reviews of performance against these.

For some finance functions a lack of connection between senior management and the operational department can over time create a lethal gap between what the organisation needs by way of financial information and what its systems produce. So everyone creates their own scorecard or set of books. We help develop finance functions by creating a clear understanding of what the organisation needs, driving through the consequent changes in systems and processes, and introducing a service culture.

Case Study / UCLH

Management Facilitation & Coaching

Managers today are under acute pressure to deliver today’s priorities, whilst at the same time implementing changes for the future. They need an increasingly wide range of skills, not just in their own specialism but also including wider skills required for change facilitation.

Constraints on time and budgets mean that the option of formal training is rarely available. Merely bringing in specific expertise may not help to develop the capabilities of the managers themselves.

Our coaching focuses on the demands on the person in the business context. We aim to form close relationships with the people we coach, so that they can better understand themselves in the context of their role and their organisation. We can help managers plan and deploy strategies for behavioural change, so that they can work more effectively with colleagues at all levels to deliver the required business outcomes.

Our delivery of coaching may be in a formal programme of confidential one-to-one sessions, and also in the use of coaching skills and interventions in our work with senior managers and their teams.

Case Study / Royal Brompton

Project and Programme Management

Projects and programmes all too rarely deliver the intended benefits, despite the use of increasingly sophisticated tools and methods. This leads to financial write-downs and corporate embarrassment when projects and programmes fail, as happens all too often.

OCP works with clients at all stages of projects, in both lead and support roles. We help address the organisational challenges of critical project phases from business case through to project inception, delivery and benefits realisation.

Our support is tempered by realism and pragmatism, drawing on our experience of many different types and sizes of projects and programmes, particularly those involving organisational change, process improvement and technology. 

In particular we help clients take account of their organisational capacity and capability for change, and their ability to assimilate the demands of projects and programmes as well as BAU.

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