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Graham Smith

Graham has more than 30 years’ experience helping organisations to manage business change in the face of a rapidly changing strategic context, often triggered by systems or technological innovation.

He began his career managing projects in manufacturing, the public sector and in financial services. Subsequently he joined PA Consulting Group where he was Director of their Business Process Re-engineering practice, before leaving to co-found OCP in 1993.

Graham has developed particular expertise in managing business change programmes to achieve a step change in business performance. Most such programmes are for clients operating in intensely competitive environments where change needs to be both rapid and responsive to a constantly changing backcloth. Many senior management teams know that change is required but have day jobs to discharge and do not have the capacity, and sometimes capability, to handle a complex change programme without external support.

In a typical change programme Graham would help the top team to crystallise the precise change needed, to design a programme tailored to achieve the agreed changes, and then to:

  • construct the business case to justify the necessary investment
  • set up programme governance arrangements
  • put together a team of project managers and business analysts to support each project
  • manage the team and the resulting portfolio of projects
  • support the top team in managing all stakeholders, reporting directly to the Board or parent company as appropriate.

Gary Wooliston

Gary joined OCP in 2001. He has been consulting for 20 years to a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors. Most of this work has been helping clients to design and implement change programmes, with a particular emphasis on organisation design and development, business strategy and operations, shared services and process improvement.

Gary previously worked for Andersen Consulting, including three years as a senior manager, where he specialised in people related business change. Previous to that he was a Management Consultant with CSC Europe, Sema Group Consulting and NatWest Group. 

Clive Mosley

Clive has more than 25 years’ experience in helping organisations to respond to their strategic challenges, improving customer service and reducing cost.  Often triggered by systems or technological innovation, he has implemented new structures and operating models and led a range of change programmes that delivered immediate gains for the business. 

He began his career in the UK automotive industry before he joined PA Consulting Group to work in their Organisation Group.  He moved on to work for Andersen Consulting’s Change Management practice (now Accenture) before joining OCP. 

Clive understands – and is very effective in dealing with – the complex stakeholder management challenges that typify many large organisations.  His particular areas of strength are:

  • Rapid diagnosis and assessment of the client context and its business-critical challenges
  • Developing new operating models (services, business processes, and ways of working)
  • Helping managers to change structures, management practices, and disciplines

Rod has more than 30 years’ experience helping organisations to understand, improve and manage their finances and related processes associated with change in their market or regulatory environment. 

He began his career with Arthur Andersen and then moved on to financial project management in the public sector before joining PA Consulting Group’s strategy and then organisation practices. He joined OCP in 1993. He is an experienced executive coach qualified at EMCC senior practitioner level.

Rod’s particular skills are in: 

•    simplifying how boards see and understand their finances, through improved reporting and analysis, underpinned by building a service culture in finance functions

•    coaching senior managers to help them become more effective in their roles  within their organisations. A mixture of challenge and support underpinned by an understanding interaction of role, organisation and person

•    performing interim roles from commercial director to finance director on  assignments ranging from months to years, and helping permanent successors transition into the organization and develop their teams

•    helping functional teams to develop a shared understanding of their role and purpose in helping meet  their organization’s challenges, and developing processes and plans for improvement that reflect this

•    designing and delivering interventions for organizations ranging from large complex multi-stakeholder events, to Masterclasses and smaller problem solving workshops.

David Taylor

David has over 20 years’ experience advising on organisational change, improving sales and customer service and reducing costs. He has helped clients put in place new structures, cultures and working practices, and deliver projects and programmes including new technology.

He began his career advising managers and trade unionists on change in manufacturing industry, and has since worked widely across retail financial services and for central Government. Before joining OCP, he was a Partner at Coopers & Lybrand (now PWC) and before that was a Principal at PA Consulting.

David helps client teams understand and confront the reality of difficult issues and decisions, and brings strong communicating and influencing skills.

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